A propos de Africa Lead

Africa Lead II is Feed the Future’s primary capacity building program in sub Saharan Africa. Feed the Future (FTF) is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative. The Africa Lead program works to help realize FTF’s and the African Union’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) goals of reduced hunger and poverty by building the capacity of champions, institutions and stakeholders to develop, lead and manage the structures needed for African-led agriculture transformation.

A five-year program, Africa Lead II builds on the success of the predecessor capacity building program (Africa Lead) and works with countries and regions to develop strategic long-term activities to strengthen African decision-makers, institutions, non-state actors (NSAs), including the private sector at the forefront of increased agricultural productivity and food security.


Strategic Focus

Serving as a catalyst and connector for learning and innovations in individual leadership behavior, institutional performance and the policy process, Africa Lead II works across the following three strategic areas:

  1.  Improved institutional capacity
  2.  Strengthened management of policy change and alignment processes
  3.  Enhanced capacity and engagement of NSAs, including the private sector


Africa Lead II Team

Members of the team include:

  • DAI: consortium leader, project management, capacity building, technical services, capacity assessments, donor and AU liaison
  • Management Systems International (MSI): institutional capacity assessments and measurement of organizational progress
  • Training Resources Group, Inc. (TRG): organizational and institutional development, training and capacity building
  • Winrock International: gender, youth and NSAs technical support